Celebrate the Bond: Daddy-Daughter Corsage for a Special Occasion

A Quick Guide to Ordering Your Father-Daughter Dance Corsage

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Every year schools and community centers in our area host special Daddy-Daughter dances. These occasions are a great way to build memories with your little ones as you both get to dress up, take photos and dance the night away. Here at Lotus Floral, we create made-to-order corsages for your daughter on this special day. Let us help you make a decision on how to order a perfect Petite Kid’s Corsage for the next Father-Daughter Dance or Sweetheart Dance.

Ordering Guide:

The number one question dads have to ask themselves (or the moms) is what color dress will the little ones be wearing? Once you know the dress color, you can pick the colors for the corsage. 

The most popular choice is white, following by light pink! These colors can really compliment nearly any dress but we have more color options available for this special dance. Don’t see a color you like here? Give Lotus Floral Shop a call and we’ll let you know what fresh flowers you have to choose from before the event.

  1. Flower Choice: We use freshly imported, premium spray roses for our make-to-order corsages. They typically have 5-7 rose buds for our petite size with accent flowers to compliment the design.
  2. Skip the Boutonniere: Unless you are wanting to keep it formal, most dad’s opt out of the extra expense of a boutonnière!
  3. Size: For an improved experience, we will now be using an adjustable velcro band for all of our Petite Kid’s Corsages. We want you both to focus on having fun and making special memories and not trying to keep a larger band on. We reserve the flashier bands for the high school dances.

We recommend that once you buy your dance ticket go ahead and order your corsage so we can have it ready for pickup before the event! For your Father-Daughter Dance, shop now.

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